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the workshop

teach your team to thrive

This is simultaneously the newest and oldest service we provide to companies; a way to directly impart our knowledge so you can be better communicators. In every project, there is an element of training on basic best practices so our campaigns or strategies can continue to show strong results for the future. 

Creating and giving presentations and training is a new service that has come about from positive feedback from other clients. "Teach a man to fish" is something not a lot of consultancies will offer because of a fear that it negates their need on some level...we don't believe that's the welcome to the Workshop!



internal Presentations

Let a professional communicator and presenter help you share vital information to your most important audiences. Ronnie B can put together a presentation from start to finish and deliver your message to teams of all sizes. Face-to-face presentations can be an ideal way to spread news quickly to a whole company, or get intimate, high-engagement sessions with small groups. Some presentations that Ronnie B has delivered in the past include:

new hire welcome presentations

Open Enrollment and Employee Benefit presentations

Wellness and Diversity presentations



Communication Training

Investing in a little communication training can go a long way to make some of your essential teams thrive at their jobs. Sales, customer service, account management, and even executive teams can benefit from customized comm training sessions to ensure their verbal and written messages are given in the most effective way to enhance understanding from their audiences. Types of training that Ronnie B can administer for your company include:

public speaking for professionals

how to prepare and give better presentations

professional writing 101 (sales emails, executive emails, social media posting)


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